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In a world where hectic work schedules and endless email notifications are the norm, you might be feeling overwhelmed. 

Or you might be seeking guidance on life's challenging moments. Whether it concerns your career, relationships or well-being.

Or perhaps you are on a search for spiritual friendship with like-minded people; facilitated by monastics who devote their entire lives to spiritual cultivation.

No worries, you are in the right place.


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Monastery Visits
Take a break from the hustle and busyness of urban life. Come drop by the monastery for a visit where you can meditate, appreciate nature, reflect in peace and return to urban life with clarity
Youtube Videos
Thanks to the internet, we are able to share Dhamma talk recordings across the world. You can now access Buddhist teachings anytime, along with insights on mindfulness and meditation - regardless of your geographic location

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Live Talks
Our monks and nuns give talks within Australia and other parts of the world. Do attend a live event in the city closest to you. Meet the monastics in person, get your questions answered and mingle with like-minded attendees.

About Newbury Buddhist Monastery

Located between Trentham and Blackwood – just 70 minutes from the heart of Melbourne city - the magnificent landscape and tranquil surroundings offer an inspiring backdrop for seclusion and meditation.
With its establishment, more aspirants, both local and international, can seek out full ordination. Those who wish to ordain, but are currently on waiting lists for accommodation at other monasteries, will have increased opportunities to develop their monastic vocation.

Upcoming Projects 

Project 1: Utilities for Monks' Living Huts

Thanks to your generosity, we have fully funded the containers for 2x monks' living huts. The next step would make them liveable by linking them up to utilities such as water, sewage, and electricity. The total estimate to finish this project is $34,500. This is pending council approval.


Utilities for Monk's Living Huts: $50,000 / $84,500

Project 2: Electrical Work

Electrical works are required to power the water filter treatment and water wells. This will also provide electrical supplies to the main buildings within NBM; therefore servicing the monks' and nuns' living quarters as well as the common areas.

Electrical Work

Electrical Work: $0 / $18,800

Project 3: Multi-Purpose Building For Monks

To assist with gender segregation within NBM, a multi-purpose building for monks is being constructed. This infrastructure is intended to be used as an meeting area, and bowl washing area. While gaining council approval, $25,000 has been funded and another $50,000 (estimated) is required to make this a reality.


Multi-Purpose Building For Monks: $25,000 / $90,000

Project 4: Monk's Sangha House

​Image: For illustration purposes only

To fully accommodate the male monastics, we are aiming for the completion of 3x monk's kutis and 1x Sangha house. This would serve as an library, office, store room, sewing, kitchen, shower block and laundry area for the monks.


Earthwork: $0 / $150,000

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Meet The Monastics Behind This Project

Spiritual Advisor: Ajahn Brahm
Founding Monastics: Ayya Upekkha & Bhante Jaganatha

Click on the video to learn more. 

About The Buddhist Society Of Victoria Inc.

Newbury Buddhist Monastery is supported by The Buddhist Society Of Victoria Inc.
While registered as a Buddhist not-for-profit association, we welcome members of all backgrounds and religions.
Located in Melbourne, our East Malvern centre hosts programs that guide members on meditation, and Buddhist teachings for kids, teenagers, and adults.
Our spiritual advisor is Ajahn Brahm, the Abbot of Bodhinyana Monastery located in Western Australia.

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